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Spring Cleaning and Closet Purging: If You Haven’t Worn That Item of Clothing Within the Past Year, You’re Not Going to Wear It This Year Either, So Get Rid of It!
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This black vest I wore at my 10 Year Class Reunion two years ago is now in the give-way bag. (June 2009) I am in the third week of my new job. That means I have now worn all my best quality and best matching “outfits” to work. It’s during week three that the mediocre stuff comes out of the closet. Those weird-fitting collared shirts that pooch out in the stomach and make me look 30 pounds heavier. The sweaters that are a little too short and expose my belt. The purple shirt. And for the fact that we are official in Spring now, I’m taking full advantage of my current “Spring Cleaning” mindset: This week as I wear the clothes in my closet that I don’t wear often, at the end of each day I am choosing officially whether to get rid of it (by giving it away) or keeping it. For example, today I wore my khaki vest to work. I think I’ve realized I like the idea of vests more than I actually like wearing them. When I got home today, the kh