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Pete and Kimmy

I had heard that Montenegro was incredibly beautiful. Even though I was prepared for a gorgeous drive, it is still is surprising to see this out the bus window: I mean, heck, road trips to me have been to California through the not-so-lovely desert. After the bus ride, we ended up in Podgorica, Montenegro. A city that is mainly meant for business. There isn’t really anything to see in the city. Fortunately, Pete had a contact through a man who was in Hungary on a couple mission at the same time. This contact was a German man named Hasko who was in Montenegro to help the policing system there. Montenegro is hoping to become part of the EU, so the country is making steps to rid corruption and start systems that are accepted by the EU. Hasko was hired by the EU to help with the corruption. We met Hasko and his assistant, Andrea (23 year old from Montenegro), at Hasko’s office. Because there isn’t much tourism here, hotels are pricey. Hasko was generous enough to let us s